For the past several years at Mosaic we have participated in a special Christmas Offering. Your generosity has supported a number of projects within Mosaic and has helped hundreds of lives in a multitude of ways. This year we want to intentionally give away $50,000 to our local, national and global partners.

Locally, we want to give $8K to Bags of Hope LKN, $8K to Charlotte Family Housing, $8K to Winding Springs Elementary, and $8K in the form of a “reverse tithe” to our own Mosaic community.

Nationally, we plan to give $6K to an organization or local church in order to assist with Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Globally, we will give $12K to support our friends with House Upon a Rock ministry in the Dominican Republic.

So how is it going to work?

• If you have pledged to the HOPE FOR ALL campaign, intentionally give towards your pledge as your contribution to the Christmas offering.

• If you are not a part of the HOPE FOR ALL campaign, prayerfully give a one time financial gift to the Christmas offering.

• $50K of whatever amount we collect will be given away locally, nationally and globally.

We are convinced that God is able to do “immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.” This Christmas season he wants to use YOU to bless more people than you ever thought possible.

So, on Sunday, December 9th, let’s believe together, let’s sacrifice together and let’s give together! If you are planning to be away that Sunday, you can always give online HERE or text hope4all to 77977.

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