icuTalks is a powerful ministry for local, everyday people to share how God’s redeeming love has prevailed in their lives. Every third Tuesday of the month we bring our mission of creating a safe, vulnerable healing environment through authentic sharing of God’s redeeming love to life at Mosaic’s North Campus at 7pm. We bring speakers together who each share about their Christian walk, but not the gentle, smooth path. Our speakers will share about their pain, struggles, and ultimate redemption.

Go to and search “icuTalks” for free tickets. More information available at


icuTalks • Tuesday, February 18
This powerful mental & spiritual health event happens on the third Tuesday each month at the North Campus at 7pm. Go to and search “icuTalks” for free tickets and more information. Also, icuTalks now has a podcast called Hear Voices. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify to hear in-depth interviews with their monthly speakers. For more information email

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