We believe the church could be the solution to the biggest challenges our city faces. We want to be a voice of hope in our community by engaging with people and groups that are actively working to address some of the needs.


What If Everyone is our initiative to inspire people to serve humanity in practical ways. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our citywide Serve Days this year. Save the date for our next Serve Day on Saturday, May 2nd!

Bags of Hope LKN seeks to bring hope to CMS students by providing weekend food provisions to school children who experience food insecurity. Mosaic is a partner church with BoHLKN, with our focus on serving Winding Springs Elementary School (WSE). In Mecklenburg County, 35% of households with kids face food insecurity. When school is closed many of the students go hungry; a lack of adequate food leads to poor academic performance. We can help change that!

How can you make a difference? 

Winding Springs Elementary School is a Title 1 school with a 97% poverty level. We support WSE not only through Bags of Hope, but also through various opportunities such as Thanksgiving baskets for families in need and sponsoring the annual Curriculum Night Family Dinner.

CARe Packs

Have you ever wanted to help someone in need but found yourself with nothing to offer? Stock your car with pre-packed bags containing items that address basic human needs such as hunger, hygiene, and clothing accessories. Check out this list for suggested donations to bring to Mosaic, or to make your own packs!

Claudia’s Closet is an initiative that was established to honor the memory of Claudia Clayton, a friend and inspiration to many of us in our community. In agreement with Claudia’s eye for fashion, and in accordance with her heart for children and for service, Claudia’s Closet exists to instill confidence in young women by providing attire, self-care items and ongoing support and mentorship as needed to help prepare at risk young women(ages 11-13) for the classroom and for life. We serve under-resourced youth or those identified by school, church or community partners as needing support. For more details check out Claudia’s Closet.

Partner With Us

You can partner with us as a local organization, non-profit, church or business.

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House Upon The Rock Ministries in the Dominican Republic is committed to foster growth of the materially poor, both physically and spiritually, through a medical clinic, construction ministry, school sponsorship programs, and other way of interacting personally with the people of the village where they serve.

To be a voice of hope, we work with this ministry in three ways:

Mission Trips – We have been sending teams yearly since 2010. We invite you to spend a week sharing your faith, showing love and spreading hope with us in the Dominican Republic. Check back for details about our next trip in 2020.

Three Kings Day Shoeboxes – Each November, we collect shoeboxes for children in the community for Dia de Reyes (All Kings Day), the day of celebration for Christmas in the Dominican Republic. This is the day when children receive gifts, and celebrate the Three Kings bringing gifts to baby Jesus.

Student Sponsorships – The Dominican Republic requires that all children attend school until the eighth grade. Public schools are available; however, the government only provides a building and teacher; they are not required to provide materials or books. There are private schools that provide a higher level of education and more opportunities for continuing on to university. With a degree, a student not only becomes self-supporting, they can also support their parents and help their siblings with their education. A good education is one of the best ways to change the future of an entire family and help them to rise above poverty. There are over 100 students currently being sponsored, and another 100 students that are on the waitlist.

If you would like to help us in one or more of our global outreach opportunities, please contact outreach@mosaicchurch.tv.

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