We exist to reclaim the message and the movement of Jesus. 

To learn more about our mission, watch the video above or listen to Becoming Church podcast episode 002: Why Mosaic?


We are a diverse community that lives by faith, is known by love and is a voice of hope.

To hear more about our vision, listen to Becoming Church podcast episode 003: The Church of Trader Joe’s.


Values determine how we interact and treat people. They create culture which inevitably influences how we live our lives. These values have created our church culture.

KINDNESS We have a culture of extravagant kindness that guides us to accept and honor the human presence. It helps us in our conversations and interactions with all people in every situation.

EXPECTANCY We have a culture of spiritual expectancy that reminds us that God’s holy spirit is in our midst. He is working in and through us. It is something to be excited about and expectant for.

EXCELLENCE We have a culture of purposeful creativity that challenges us to do and be the best we can as we serve people. God has made all of us creative and innovative for his purpose.

GENEROSITY We have a culture of compassionate generosity that moves us to be givers. God has generously gifted us with time, talent and resources to share with others.

To learn more about how our values create our culture, listen to Becoming Church podcast episode 004: Navigating Pop Culture.

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