Mosaic was birthed in our hearts long before it officially launched in January 2006. We experienced more than we could imagine. In the last 13 years of following God’s lead, we have moved to several locations but in 2014 we bought our first location which we called The Hope Center. We named the building intentionally because we were convinced that this city did not need another church building but rather, an epicenter of hope for this city and a catalyst of hope for the world.  These past several years we have had a front row seat to life transformation. We have seen people set free to live transformed lives. We have seen people find life-long friends and most importantly, meet Jesus and make personal decisions to live for him.

I’m forever grateful for the people who sacrificially committed to give and partner with us – hundreds of people who gave whatever they could to help thousands of people. It was so beautiful and brave.

But we are not done.

This RECLAIM project has two objectives, to expand our current location by securing additional space in our building, and to help us reduce our debt. This will allow us to establish additional revenue streams along with being more of a Hope Center for our city and have financial freedom for the future.

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