Reopening Updates

Reopening Update: 5.21.20

We have decided to not open our physical locations until Phase 3. We know some of you are more than ready to meet and others are applauding this as a wise decision. Here’s the deal, at Mosaic we have lots of people to consider, two campuses, and are a diverse group with different backgrounds and lives. Opening Mosaic in Phase 3 is the best way to accommodate all people and all needs.

Let’s commit to making the most of Phase 2 as we get used to being together again. We would love for you to throw Sunday morning watch parties and gather with one another as we all adjust to these new normals. Opening in Phase 3 will mean we can worship together with less restrictions and more freedom!
We can’t wait to finally be together – but for now we look forward to interacting on social, in the Sunday morning chat, and in Zoom groups and meet ups. As always, our online campus is open 24/7 – so, keep inviting your friends and family to join us each week on Livestream.