What If…The Hope Center

What If...The Hope Center

At first glance, these new renderings of the Hope Center may seem rough and underwhelming. But beyond the sketches of a “foyer,” an “auditorium” and a “children’s space,” lie years of hard work, of planning, and of hope. The Hope Center was envisioned roughly four years ago as Mosaic grew and the need for property of our own became evident.

We began by hiring Randy Ongie, a consultant who helped us lay out our roadmap to realization.  Next we invited a group of Mosaic leaders to the table to get involved in the conversation. Together, we prayed for answers regarding locations, finances, etc. The next few steps involved tightening our budget and becoming a leaner operation.  By creating financial margin we successfully put over $300,000 in the bank as cash reserves.

This spring, we took this nascent idea of “What if…”and launched the Hope Initiative. What if we built a space not only for the Mosaic community, but to serve the city of Charlotte?  Our staff worked, saved, planned, and strategized to make the Hope Center a reality.  We inspired our Mosaic community to give sacrificially in support of the Hope Initiative. And based on this simple idea, in merely three months, Mosaic pledged almost half a million dollars.  Today, we’re so close. The only remainder (albeit a big remainder) is signing the contract for the Hope Center.

This is no small feat. No action taken to lead us to today was small or insignificant. Every dollar given, every prayer prayed, every leader’s dinner held – they each helped us inch toward this very moment, the moment where a vision is realized.


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