What is your purpose?

Have you ever noticed that frustrations in life are often the result of a tension you’re trying to manage? It’s the tension between being content and wanting more for your life.

The world will tell us, and often, that we need to live bigger lives. Technology and social media only strengthen the message that other people are doing big things and that we need to hustle to make our lives big as well.

On the other hand, Jesus teaches us to stop trying to write a big story for our lives and to find our lives in the biggest story instead.

In the gospel of Matthew, there are two recorded instances of Jesus feeding groups of people. In chapter 14, he feeds a crowd of 5,000 of Jewish people. Then, in chapter 15, he feeds a group of 4,000 that is mainly made up of Gentiles.

These stories teach us a few things about our own lives:

God uses what we have.

God is ok with what we bring to Him. Jesus used bread and fish both times because that is what the people had. He could have miraculously created whatever food he wanted to eat. But instead, it seems like God is saying that we are enough and that He will use whatever we bring to Him. Not only are we already enough to be used by Him, He will make us more than enough.

God uses us to serve other people.

God wants us to be active participants in His work and in His story. He does this because He wants us to be the Church. Church is not a place of God but a people of God. Church is not a worship service but a people who serve the world.

For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
Matthew 16:25 NKJV

In learning to become the Church, we find our lives in part of the biggest story that’s ever been written. In God’s story lies our identity, belonging, satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment.

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